Extremely lazy Cinnamon Rolls

I’ll admit I love a good Cinnamon Roll on the other hand making them can be something I personally don’t have time for. All that rising and kneading while I like doing it I’ve also got a business to run, errands to do, cleaning and all those domestic things. So when I make bread I reach for my go to book ‘Artisan bread in 5 minutes a day’.

It’s probably the best book on bread I’ve ever read because it makes baking bread so easy. It’s a book full of no knead recipes which come in handy if your really busy but want fresh bread. The mixes are mostly wet doughs which are left to rise by themselves in a warm place and later in the fridge.

I made the bread dough using this method and then because these are super lazy buns I filled them with Agave Nectar and walnuts which meant there wasn’t a huge amount of butter and sugar. I used a very light syrup which meant that as they baked the Agave took on a more soft caramel flavour.

All you really need to do is roll out your dough into a rectangle and then squeeze the bottle of syrup over it sprinkle with cinnamon generously. Cut your rolls and bake them in a cake tin, the agave will leak from the bottom of the rolls so if your using a loose bottom cake tin put it on a tray. Once out of the oven I covered the whole lot in cream cheese frosting!

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