Anchors away!

Sometimes at Fairs I get asked questions I don’t expect and why I make anchor mugs was one of them. While I know the nautical trend isn’t going away anytime soon there are a few good reasons for this seaside theme.

In creating these anchor mugs I was intentionally looking to break up the shop with a more ‘manly’ item. While most of my pieces aren’t gendered subconsciously or not I’m sure my work has a feminine touch to it!

The shape of these has changed through various iterations and has settled on a one I think of as a vintage milk bottle or churn shape. The barrel body and narrow neck helps to keep whatever your drinking warm as it reduces the exposed surface area at the top.

I’ve always been quite fond of the seaside but not for the reasons you’d perhaps expect. I’ve always loved the beach during the off season periods, early spring and early autumn when you get dramatic rolling cloudy skies of steel greys. Generally there are fewer people around and you get that fresh chill breeze and you can hear the rushing of the ocean.

I once made a set of these for a group of veterans from the Navy and it reminded my of my Grandfather who also served in the Navy during the Second World War. In the United Kingdom we live on a relatively small island your never really too far away from the sea and fishing villages like Whitby where whatever the weather people brave the sea to bring in the catch of the day.

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