Pottery Quarterly

This post is almost totally the opposite of the one a couple weeks ago about Ceramic Review. Pottery Quarterly is quite an old magazine published during the 50’s and 60’s, these were given to me by my Dad’s old pottery teacher Ron. I’ll admit I love stuff like this.

From the fonts and typesetting in the adverts to the style of the pots reproduced in black and white. There’s a character to the work that’s really of the time and difficult to reproduce. My Dad and I were recently discussing how my own work is becoming more retro in appearance and I’m ok with that, it’s just one of the many influences on my daily work in the studio.

The most interesting thing that took my eye in these magazines was a diary written by Janet Leach. I know a little about Janet, mainly her work rather than what she was like as a person. It’s interesting to read about her daily life in her own voice. What’s also fascinating is the level of fame Bernard Leach managed to achieve within his own lifetime and his own reclusive nature when working in the studio.

There are a lot of technical articles in there as well if your interested more in the making side of things similar to Ceramic Review. If your into some of the history of 1960’s ceramics its certainly a fascinating read if you can get your hands on it!

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