Ceramic Review

Over Christmas I became a digital subscriber to Ceramic Review and having received a few issues now I certainly think it’s a great magazine, no wonder it’s been going so long! The disciplines of ceramic artists is huge and CR does a really great job of covering the breath of artistic work from traditional studio potters to sculptors and modern artists.

Its really nice to see such a range of artists work even if it’s something that’s not to my tastes. Broadening your horizons of what can be achieved through clay is great. Even if your not a practicing artist I think theres a lot of value to be found for collectors or those who simply want to know more about ceramics.

While Ceramic Review is based in the UK theres also a very diverse range of artists showcased from around the world such as India, Mexico and Japan. It’s nice to travel around the world from your armchair!

Recently there was one article that I kept coming back to in the March/April 2014 issue. A quote from a review of an exhibition by Takeshi Yasuda, an artist who travelled around the world known for his organic sculptural forms. ‘He watched a student with a Chinese brush painting bamboo onto the side of a pot. He just pointed at the motif and asked, ‘That’s my culture, what is yours?’

Somehow that quote made me reflect upon my own work, I’ve always admired eastern ceramics but I’ve never felt it would be right or a desire to duplicate that style. Somehow ceramics really brings forth the personality of the maker and I’ve always tried to embrace that and be conscious of my own traditionally English style as a potter.

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