BBC Good Food show Harrogate

I don’t like being negative on the blog but sadly it was going to happen at some point; A food fair that I didn’t really enjoy. While there were some good parts of the day I came away feeling a little underwhelmed.

Let’s start with the good stuff. There were some really great food producers at this event with the stand out stuff all being sweet! My favourite was easily the little round cake company whose cakes and meringues were just irresistible.

Yorkshire Wolds Honey was also beautifully light and sweet, they were also selling Honey Marmalade. I’m not big on Marmalade due to it’s really bitter aftertaste but somehow the honey really enhanced the orange flavour. There was also a small number of homewares on sale with my favourite being the natural wooden chopping boards.

I was also able to catch the talk with Betty’s chef Lisa Bennison which was an interesting insight to the business of the shops and the cookery school. I was seriously shocked when someone in the audience had never seen or eaten a Fat Rascal before!

Unfortunately though with the smooth comes the rough. I did feel that a lot of the produce on show was from sellers that you would find on any good market without having to pay the cost of entry. I found the layout of the show to be poor with not enough seating for people who wanted a bite to eat.

Also the selection of savoury food wasn’t good and in the end I had to come out of the show to get lunch as the only food available was burgers, hog roast or pre-packed sandwiches. I’ll admit I’m not a big TV chef person and the appeal of that to me is limited so somehow I don’t think this show was quite for me. If your in the area though Harrogate is a lovely day out even without visiting the convention centre!

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