Stung by the sewing bee

I don’t watch that much TV but recently I’ve been glued to the sewing bee, its a great show and strangely compelling! We’ve had a sewing machine in our house for a while now and it’s mostly been used to create soft furnishings – curtains and cushions.

This was my first go at following a pattern and creating a garment to wear. I tried to pick something that was going to be easy to follow, make and in a fabric that was going to be easy to work with.

For my very first garment I had a lot of help so I can’t take all the credit, my mum taught me how to follow the pattern but I do feel I could do some of this by myself on the second go round! This is a New Look pattern 6356, although it says 2 hours on the packet as a beginner it was more like 7-8 over a few weekends.

I’m really pleased with it! I can see myself wearing it a lot over the summer as a simple cotton top it looks great although I was surprised at just how many processes there are in such a ‘simple’ garment as this. Just like knitting it feels liberating to wear something you’ve made yourself.

Making wearable garments is really different to creating soft furnishings and probably the hardest thing is to go around curves! Unfortunately people are curvy unlike windows and cushions I think it’ll take a while to get used to that.

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