Looking back at a few custom pottery orders

March is a busy month with Mother’s Day and spring in the air, I’ve been working on a variety of custom orders and lots of yarn bowls!

This pair of yarn bowls were a design challenge, the symbol on the front is Beaivi the Sami symbol for the sun. I’ve been to Finland a few times and seen Sami symbols on jewellery, Sami are a nomadic tribal people who live in the arctic circle. In a way the Beaivi symbol is very similar to the Sun and Moon yarn bowl since they’re both celestial symbols.

Custom yarn bowls like this do have a tendency to warp due to the weight of the medallion on the front but somehow they turned out well!

For a while I was thinking about changing the Forest Green glaze by adding a small percentage of chrome along side the copper but it’s been turning out so nicely lately I just don’t want to change it. This large V shaped bowl was a special request to upscale some of the smaller dishes that can be found for sale in the shop.

I do like the simplicity of shape in this, theres something I find really attractive in a purity of form rather than having so much decoration in contrast to some of the more ornate pieces I’ve been producing.

I’ve also been working on a large number of dinner plate orders with them coming second as the hottest item in the shop at the moment, this set of four features two of the now discontinued colours from the old glaze chart.

Finally I’d been working on this set of jars decorated with little mice, I wasn’t sure about the colours at first but I do think they work really well together! Thats the thing about custom orders they’re always surprising.

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