Working on a more decorative style

Spring always seems a much quieter time in the studio with the busyness of Christmas over and done with. I’ve been spending a little more time experimenting with decorative techniques. Everything in the studio lately has had a re-organise as I’ve been wanting to add some additional workbench space, somehow it seems that there’s never enough!

I’ve also been trying to make a greater variety of pot shapes particularly dish shapes which can be quite unstable. Wide rimmed dishes are prone to dropping as they’re being thrown, while they’re ideal for trying out surface designs they can be tricky to make.

Another alternative shape is the large fruit bowl, for me throwing anything over 2.5 kilos is a bit of a struggle so making these large bowls is good practice. This one is decorated with a cloud motif and the words from Wordsworth’s poem ‘I wandered lonely as a cloud’, a second stacking one will join it soon to create a cloud plume effect.

Finally this little coupe style plate is hopefully going to be the new sign for the studio. If you’ve visited recently you probably know that currently there isn’t really anything to show where the studio is!

I always think making decorative pieces is a bit risky; you never really know how they’ll turn out until they’re finished. Even if something looks good on paper it can be quite hard to achieve the same thing in real life. Decorative pieces require practice, lots of practice and trying new things but it’s important to persevere and try something new!

2 thoughts on “Working on a more decorative style

  1. Jacqui says:

    I love the cloud bowl design Victoria. Spring does tend to make me feel the urge to be more creative and to push past the normal comfort zone and venture into new pastures or designs. I’ve not made any rings yet at my bench so that’s what I aim to do this weekend too. Something new.

    • Victoria says:

      My favorite time of the year is autumn, I love the colours that can be found in the turning of the year. Glad you like the cloud bowl! 🙂

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