Chocolate and pretzel cookies

It’s Valentines Day! Since I was young I’ve always associated Valentines with baking cookies. I bake them on this day every year sometimes I gift them to my parents, friends or significant other. Cookies make a great gift to show someone else your thinking of them and the greatest expense is your time.

I always try and bake something a little unusual for Valentines this year it’s chocolate chip and pretzel, it might sound a bit weird but the crunchy salty pretzel offsets the sweetness of the cookie. Also if you love pretzels like I do you’ll enjoy these, they’re a bit more manly than your everyday valentine cookie.

The basic recipe is the same as the vegan cookie one I posted a few months back but instead of all chips its half and half with the pretzels.


3 ounces brown sugar
1 ounce caster sugar
150 ml vegetable oil
50 ml milk
1 tablespoon cornflower
1 teaspoon vanilla paste
7 ounces plain flour
half teaspoon baking soda
1.5 ounces chocolate chips
1.5 ounces crushed pretzels


1. In a large bowl mix together the sugars, oil, milk and cornflower with a fork for about 2-5 minutes. Make sure the mixture resembles a caramel this is the most important step in the recipe to get great cookies, it should have a glossy texture once your done.

2. Work the vanilla paste into the sugar and oil mixture.

3. Measure out the flour and baking soda – if you have a fine cake flour do half and half with a normal plain flour. Mix in half of the flour to the oil mixture until well incorporated, followed by the second half.

4. Fold in the chocolate chips and pretzels, let your dough rest in the fridge for 1 hour. While its resting pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees and prepare a baking tray.

5. After resting measure out two tablespoons of mixture per cookie. This should give about an egg sized lump of dough, place it on your prepared baking sheet and gently squash them down until the dough has a diameter of about 2 inches. They will spread during baking so place them at least 1 inch apart.

6. Put them into a hot oven and bake for between 6-9 minutes turning half way though. Leave them to cool on the tray while they firm up a little before serving while warm.

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