Custom name yarn bowls

If you’ve dropped by the shop after Christmas you’ll may have found a new yarn bowl style in stock. These really are the most bespoke offering in the shop, made to order these feature the first letter of a name as a cutout curl for yarn.

This could be your name, a friends name or even a nickname glazed and finished as requested by you. I’ve been working on producing this as a style for the shop for a year or so now as calligraphic writing needs regular practice but I really enjoy the challenge of these.

Because of the bespoke nature of these they do take the full four weeks to be made but hopefully they’re worth the wait! Each one starts life as a barrel shaped yarn bowl and is then hand carved with a name. Once the carving is complete the first letter is then cutout.

Names can be either glazed over with a lighter colour or waxed out as seen with ‘Joy’ to create a contrast with the light coloured clay and dark glazes. You can find out more about these custom yarn bowls in the shop or if you have any questions about these or you’d like a custom yarn bowl for yourself just get in touch!

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