Postcards from Hambleton; Betty’s Northallerton

I’ve been wanting to do a series of posts on a few of my favourite local spots that I just seem to go back to again and again. The aim is to showcase both well known and hidden gems, maybe I’ll add a few new ones along the way!

A visit to Northallerton somehow doesn’t seem complete without a trip to Betty’s. Right in the centre of the high street it’s really hard to miss with a beautiful seasonal displays of cakes, pastries and breads in the window. I’ve actually been coming to this particular Betty’s my whole life!

My mum used to take me when I was a baby in a pram and well its pretty tough to stay away now as an adult. At the Northallerton branch you can either choose the coffee lounge for a quick bite to eat or go through to the main cafe and choose from the full menu.

If you’ve never been before Betty’s cuisine is an interesting mix of traditional British food with a refined Swiss edge. I love the seasonality of Betty’s and they work the best produce into their changing menu.

There are always favourites to be had all year round like hot chocolate, fat rascals and curd tart. Theres a definite formality to the dining experience with all tea being served loose leaf and coffee in cafetieres, but I think it really adds to the sophisticated 1920s feel. It also encourages you to sit back and savour whats being presented to you, taking a moment out of life to take tea.

There is of course always something to take home with you too with their counter serving baked goods, tea, coffee and chocolates.

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