A few custom items from Christmas

Now that we’re deep into the new year its safe to share a few custom items ordered over the festive season. It’s great to be able to work with customers so closely to create pieces to be given as gifts that hopefully inspire all year round.

Sometimes when I create new pieces for the shop they take a while to ‘catch on’ and pet bowls are certainly one of them. This Christmas I’m sure there have been a few pampered pets out there!

Named pieces always seem to have a more personal touch, I’ve done a few of these custom name cutouts on yarn bowls and decided since they were being requested so often I’d make them a permanent feature in the shop. You can now find a little more detail about them over on Etsy.

Another cute named piece for Christmas was this child’s breakfast set, somehow everything is just that little bit cuter in miniature!

Another surprise favourite was the flat mortar and pestle which seemed to be quite popular in the run up to Christmas. The flat shape provides a greater surface area for the girding of spices and the unglazed inside provides a nice rough surface to create pastes with.

While I always try to accommodate custom requests whenever possible there are just some things I’m not able to do. If your thinking about having a custom item made for you just get in touch and let me know the details of your project.

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