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Recently I completed a jumper not for myself but as a gift. Sometimes its hard to tell how a jumper is progressing while your actually making it and when your putting in the hours making a larger mans sweater you want something that’s going to look good and that he’ll actually want to wear.

The pattern I knit was Rowan’s Moorhouse in Lima, unfortunately I’m not that happy with the finish of the garment. It’s just too large in the sleeves and the drape is awkward on the shoulders. I’ve knit a few Martin Storey patterns and they’ve all been great but this one not so much.

The charted pattern didn’t look right as I was knitting it so I had to correct it, as I was constructing it the shawl neck is lower on the body than I would have liked and the inset sleeves were too large for the arm holes. I can certainly see myself at some point pulling it out which I’m doing right now with another sweater I knit for Ewan.

While there wasn’t anything wrong with the jumper itself the pattern is great and the yarn lovely – it’s just too big a fit, the ease of the yarn has created a huge jumper. Getting someone else’s body size and shape right is just so difficult I can see why knitting gifts is sometimes avoided at this time of year.

If you’ve met Ewan you’ll know he’s quite narrow in the chest and across the shoulders which makes picking patterns for him quite challenging. I have dozens of patterns but none of them seemed to dip below the 36 inch chest which would be too big. In the end I had to opt for ‘youth’ and ‘teen’ patterns to find something in his size even though he’s in his late 20’s.

It made me wonder about the chosen shape of mens garments in knitting patterns, where are all these strapping big chested men? In the end its frustratingly hard to find something thats fashionable, fun to knit and a good fit!

If you knit for your man, or you yourself are a male knitter and have any great pattern resources I’d love to know in the comments below!

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  1. Terri (terdotty on ravelry) says:

    Very frustrating when that happens! Have you looked at the Brooklyntweed patterns for men? There are some more fitted styles in his collections. Also, I’ve knitted a couple of Erika Knight patterns for my OH and there are some more fitted styles in her books – good luck with the pattern hunting and Merry Christmas!

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