Limited edition glazes

At the moment there are a few glazes on the colour chart I like to call ‘limited edition’. These are colours that once they’re gone they won’t be coming back into stock. This is either because their glaze recipes are difficult to reproduce, they’re difficult glazes to work with or aren’t requested enough to make them a regular feature of the chart.

In the new year I’ll be having a shuffle around of glazes, the most popular stable colours will be staying. Chocolate Brown, Mirror Black, Sage Green and Jasper will all be looking to make a departure. I can’t say yet what I’ll be replacing them with but if there’s a colour you think is missing from the chart just let me know.

If you’re thinking about ordering a piece in one of the limited edition colours don’t leave it too late. Out of the four colours the Chocolate Brown and Mirror Black are running the lowest once they’re gone that’s it!

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