Palindrome – a scarf for autumn

Recently I’ve noticed the nights drawing in a little earlier with the long shadows of Autumns golden light. I’m anticipating colder days ahead and it’ll be time to get the woollens out in ernest soon.

I was about to go on a train journey a couple weeks ago and decided to do some knitting, I’ve knit on trains before and its funny the number of people who stare or comment when your knitting! I guess knitting in public isn’t as common in the UK. From experience it’s best not to pick a project that is too cumbersome to carry around, that has a pattern that’s too difficult to remember but at the same time not too dull!

I’ve had a couple of hanks of Suomenlammas in my stash for a couple of years ago and every time I’d come to knit it up the pattern I’d chosen just wasn’t right. There isn’t an awful lot of information out on the internet about this yarn, even the Ravelry entry is quite sparse.

From what I remember the yarn itself is spun from a Finnish heritage breed of sheep, it kinda reminds me of Rowan’s British Sheep Breeds yarn but you’ll find the odd bit of hay in the plying of this yarn. I’m not sure how with modern spinning this happens but it adds character to the yarn. I knit my scarf on 4 mm needles but if I was to do this again I’d go for a smaller needle size to get a better stitch definition and ease.

Palindrome is a super easy pattern to knit and even after just a couple of repeats you’ll remember it, if your a novice at cabling its a great stitch pattern to start on. I’ve made my scarf an infinity scarf just by grafting the two ends together, it does mean theres a seam but knitting this pattern flat is much easier than doing it in the round and having to cast on 200+ stitches. This particular stitch pattern is great for an infinity scarf because it appears to be the same on both the inside and outside of the knitting. I’d estimate that it took me about 16 hours to knit this scarf spread over 2 weeks so it’d be a great choice for some last minute Christmas knitting.

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