A look in the studio

There’s always something going on in the studio and this past month has been an interesting one with such a wide range of requested items getting posted out from the studio.

It’s been ages since I’ve made any pet bowls but here’s one for Rosie the springer spaniel! I’ve previously only made these for cats but this one has a larger size with a more elevated height. Hopefully this will help stop Rosie getting her ears in her dinner!

You can now find my swirled dinner plates in use at The Alice Hawthorn Inn at Nun Monkton just outside of York. It’s a tiny little village and probably one of the prettiest too! The pub overlooks the village green with it’s maypole and duck pond, just watch out for the grazing cows that wander around the village.

Hand lettering is always something I enjoy doing and personalised pottery is such a traditional thing going back centuries. Like photographs it captures a moment to commemorate and celebrate, this piece was for a christening. Hope little Dougie likes it!

Finally I’ve been getting few requests lately for historical items which is quite fascinating, all those ceramic objects that have somehow dropped out of common everyday use and into history. This piece is a ceramic shaving bowl used by barbers and held below the chin popular during the 18th century, somehow I can’t imagine it being used today much with modern electric razors.

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