A few custom orders in the studio

Every now and then I get custom order requests, its nice to work on more unusual pieces which I get to collaborate on with the person who’s buying it. I thought I’d take this opportunity to showcase a few of these.

The thing about handmade is that you can mix and match dinnerware and there’s just something fun about this set of pasta bowls and plates. Each one is glazed in a different colour and texture but somehow they all work well together! Sometimes when dealing with the textures of glazes I often get asked what the difference is, gloss glazes have a high shine and matt glazes have a satin finish due to the lower levels of sand or silica in the glaze. These properties are part of the glaze mixture itself and once made up it can’t really be changed.

I don’t often get asked to create dinnerware in the darker range of colours that I have in stock but this set of place settings show just how striking it can be. This set of four were all glazed in glossy Midnight Blue.

A buyer got in touch about combining two of the yarn bowl designs together to create something new. Here’s the butterfly yarn bowl crossed with a star bowl glazed in glossy forest green!

Finally here’s a very special gift commission for a cake plate, I mean who doesn’t love cake. This was made to quite a specific sizing specification at 12 inches to accommodate 10 inch cakes with room to serve. The curve of this plate isn’t too high to get a cake slice in underneath your tasty cake. Yum yum! Large flat pieces like this have a tendency to warp during biscuit firing due to it being such a wide flat surface, fortunately during glaze firing the piece flattened itself out.

If you have a custom request just get in touch! Keep in mind that I can’t accommodate all custom orders but try to whenever possible.

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