Aysgarth Falls in the Yorkshire Dales

Last weekend the family and I headed out to the Yorkshire Dales, it was a searingly hot day and armed with plenty of sunscreen we were ready to visit the beautiful Aysgarth Falls.

Aysgarth is a series of three waterfalls on the River Ure, tumbling down steps of rock its best to visit just after there has been a lot of rain to see the river in full flow. On the day we visited it had a more gentle feeling to it with the sound of water rushing by and a cool breeze to take the edge of the climbing temperatures.

Between the mid and lower falls you can also find a small meadow area which has many native wildflowers attracting Butterflies. I always think the way Butterflies flit around they look like they’re being dangled from invisible fishing rods! Somehow they’re always so difficult to capture on camera too! My favourite being an electric blue kind that reminded me of willow the wisps which just wouldn’t stop to pose for the camera.

My Mum spotted a rare British Orchid amongst the wildflowers, I’d never seen one growing in the wild before and their tiny flowers very easy to overlook as Bluebells.

I was slightly surprised that there didn’t seem to be much birdlife around but drop by the cafe in the visitors centre and you’ll see all sorts of bonny coloured finches attracted to the hanging bird feeders.

If your wanting to visit Aysgarth Falls for yourself its located next to the village of Aysgarth and the closest town is Layburn. You can wear sandals to visit the falls but closed shoes are probably better for the rockier areas. Aysgarth tends to be the either start or end of a lot of ramblers walks in the Dales so it can get quite busy especially during summer.

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