What happens when you place your order?

Whether you place your order through Etsy, Folksy or via Email there’s a lot of work that goes into creating hand thrown pottery. So what really does happen once that order goes through?

If you place your order on Etsy you’ll get a confirmation email of your purchase, in stock items generally ship next day but made to order pieces have a slightly longer complex process. Once your order comes through as an email notification I’ll add it to my order book and start working on it.

Every piece starts off as a lump of clay ready to shape on the wheel head, once it’s thrown it starts the drying out process to become leather hard. From there the excess clay is ‘turned’ off and any finishing or cutting into the pot is done at this point.

From here it continues to dry out in the studio until the piece looses all it’s moisture. Surprisingly it’s this point in the process that takes the longest sometimes taking up to two weeks! At this stage you’ll normally receive an email about the status of your order and the estimated delivery date of when to expect dispatch.

From here the piece is then loaded into the kiln for biscuit firing, once it’s cooled down enough to touch I’ll then start to plan out the layout for the glaze kiln. As pieces which go in for glazing can’t touch fewer pieces can be fitted in at a time often causing sets of items to be split over multiple firings. After glazing I’ll then photograph the piece and send on the pictures to you to confirm that your happy to receive it.

This last stage is usually followed by a final confirmation email letting you know that it’s been dispatched and to expect it’s arrival soon! All items are either sent First Class UK post, Special Delivery UK post or Standard Air Mail international.

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