A trip to London

At the start of the year HippieDalek and I took a trip to the bright lights of the big city, it was nice to be in London as a tourist rather than being there ‘for’ any particular event. We had a great time touring the city. There were so many ‘highlights’ from our trip its hard to pick out just a few but here we go!

I think most photos on my camera are of the facinating props and sets of the Harry Potter Studio Tour. If your a massive Harry Potter fan like me then you’ll love taking a peek behind the scenes, even if your not I do think its interesting to see quite what goes on in making feature films quite on that sort of scale. Be warned though grab lunch before going on the tour as it can take up to three hours! Having seen so many of the sets and visiting so many of the Harry Potter locations from the first film it has made me want to re-watch them all over again.

For shopping I made a quick trip round Libertys to view their beautiful store and it was nice to see
a couple of Etsy sellers getting some shelf space too. If your into record collecting out of all the shops we visited Sister Ray in Soho had to be the best for selection and ease of browsing. While not the best record shop I’ve ever been to – that has to be Music Hunter in Helsinki! It is certainly up with the best stores in the UK.

If you can bear it to avoid many of the touristy locations theres plenty of great food to be found in London and I’d highly recommend heading to China town and trying out the selection of delicious and fresh Bao on offer. I love a good red bean bun and I also experienced my first bubble tea! Another great cafe stop was in the V&A I usually find museums to have disappointing cafes but really it was so hard to choose what to eat!

The V&A itself is located in Kensington home to many famous bakeries having stopped at one for a cake I found it a bit of a disappointment so I’d recommend eating in the V&A’s beautiful dining rooms particularly the William Morris room with its beautiful green tiles.

Theres also a comprehensive selection of factory made and artisan pottery in the V&A which I browsed around for what seemed like 3-4 hours! You can also find a reproduction of the studio of Lucie Rie and a look at just what goes into the process of making pottery. Although I must admit it felt a little odd seeing Lucie’s studio behind glass as it looked just like my own studio at home – if a little more tidy!

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