As seen in Handmade Living

The May edition of Handmade Living features a double page feature on my studio and how I work around having such a small space to create pieces in. Having such a small workspace means that I can’t really invite people in but this article is probably the next best thing.

I’ve often thought that although space may be limited its really finding what works for you and your choice of craft. Making the most of a space no matter how small can really help. A workshop nook isn’t just good for what you make it’s good for you too, it helps prepare the mind for concentration on the task at hand. In my case it’s also useful to have a place that you can just mess up and not worry too much about how dirty it gets!

It’s the first time that I’ve been featured so prominently in a magazine, I think my Mum is certainly very proud! If this is your first trip to the Little Wren nest welcome hope you loved to see a little behind the scenes in the studio.

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