New glaze colours for spring; Sage green, Mirror black

Apparently it’s spring with all this snow around but you could have fooled me! This time last year we were experiencing a heatwave but this time I’m still in my wooly jumper. These two new shades on the glaze chart are perhaps polar opposites; a good metaphor for this time of year.

Sage green is a soft glossy green which has an opaque finish with mingling shades of cream and blue. I’ve named this glaze sage after the textured silvery leaves of the plant, it’s one of the essential herbs used in British cooking. It’s a glaze that has a great density and thickness of coverage.

Mirror black is a deep inky shade with a gloss finish, predominantly black with hints of indigo blue. It’s such a glossy shade you can almost see your own face reflected in it! This striking glaze comes out deeply black a colour we’ve always struggled to achieve in our kiln. It’s certainly a glaze I’d combine with a lighter colour to break up it’s intensity.

All these colours are limited edition and once they’re gone that’s it! I’ll be updating the glaze chart next week but if you’d like to order in either of these shades before then just get in touch.

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