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This January you’ll find Little Wren Pottery featured in Yarnwise magazine on their ‘wishlist’ spread, it’s a new year edition and they’re also sporting a fresh design which looks great – it’s nice to see a magazine that so well laid out! Within it’s pages you’ll also find some lovely knitting patterns from a more basic hat to ambitious lace shawl which I’d love to knit. Unfortunately my track record with shawl knitting isn’t that great!

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It’s also fabulous to be featured alongside another talented Etsy seller The Remakerie whose colourful cushions I’ve often admired and included in treasuries.The high print quality in the magazine also means that it’s a very striking reproduction of one of my favourite product listing photos with the ‘wool’ style of yarn bowl. If your new to Little Wren Pottery and looking for yarn bowls you can find them on Etsy, Folksy or just get in touch via email to place your order.

I’d like to thank Tracy Todhunter for spotting this feature for me!

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