St Peter’s Ruby Red Ale

With winter on it’s way I’ve been wanting to get a brew on the go in time for Christmas – when it’s probably cold outside, snowing and I don’t want to go down to the shop for beers.

It was tough choosing a beer, I wanted something festive but not too heavy as I’m not wild about stout. The last beer kit from Milestone I felt in the end was a little disappointing, for me it was a bit too light and close to a lager. The raspberry flavouring was just a bit synthetic and un-natural tasting and in the end as we got closer to the bottom of the barrel I didn’t feel very enthused about finishing it off.

The St Peter’s kit was chosen for it’s hopefully great flavour, I’ve had a few of the St Peter’s ales before you can often find them in supermarkets. Also the ruby red colour will also look quite festive if we get it!

Unlike some of the kits this one doesn’t come with comprehensive instructions but having done a few now I’ve got a better idea of the process. It does come with an extra sachet of hop powder added to the barrel before the yeast, I love hoppy beers!

Now all it’ll take is a bit of waiting for the yeast to multiply before transferring it to the pressure barrel in about 3 weeks.

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