A few custom order yarn bowls

I’ve been doing a lot of custom order yarn bowls lately with either names on the side or messages on the bottom – sometimes even both! There’s something lovely to know your helping someone with the surprise of giving a gift that’s both unique to the recipient and the giver.

I add names to the outside of the bowls by hand, each one is lettered with a paintbrush. I always try to get a calligraphic look to the lettering which is easiest to do with a flat edged brush.

It’s an unpredictable thing sometimes as you can’t really ‘see’ the lettering until it’s been glazed and that can hide little imperfect paintbrush strokes. That’s just the nature of handmade!

I was also asked to do a more unusual commission for a yarn bowl with the name worked into the yarn bowl curl. Here the ‘J’ of Jane is the yarn hook curl and I was really pleased with how this came out. I was actually thinking about expanding on this and trying to come up with a yarn bowl alphabet!

As always you can find yarn bowls both big and small over in my Etsy and Folksy shop. Custom order yarn bowls are going to close on either November 26th or December 1st depending on how busy things become.

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