For the birds

Since I got back to the studio the weather hasn’t been great. Damp wet conditions aren’t ideal for drying out pots and I’m having to rely on the heat of the kiln as it’s firing. Some nights have been very cold and autumn is definitely here with it’s falling leaves.

Now is the time of year that when the birds outside start think about fattening up to survive the cold winter. Apparently here in the UK we’re in for a particularly hard one this year.

I always make fat balls for the birds during the colder months. To make them you’ll need some bird seed, and some sort of dense fat – I usually use Trex, a vegetable fat but any sort of lard will also work well.

I usually use about a full pat of baking fat or 250 grams to about 800 grams of seed, if your mixture is too fatty you can add more seed but obviously theres a delicate balance to be had between enough seed and them sticking together.

Just get your hands dirty and swish the fat in with the seed, I’ll admit it’s actually pretty fun. Shape them into little balls and place them on your bench or on a bit of greaseproof paper if your not keen on putting them directly on your worktop.

For my seed balls I have a little cage where they can all be slid inside and then just hung outside. Since I had an extra one I also made my own feeder with string and a perching branch.

Also once your done be sure to wash your hands well but you might notice how soft they feel afterwards!

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