Lamp working glass beads

You might have noticed over the last couple of weeks I’ve been off on my studio break. I’m back in the studio now working on custom orders but during my time away I came across this lamp work bead artist creating beautiful beads in Florida.

Lamp worked beads are thought to originate form the 14th century and became a popular technique throughout Europe. Modern lamp workers use gas torches which have air blown through them as an oxidiser in the process. The burning flame used to heat the glass to a molten state is so bright it’s difficult to look at!

In a lot of ways its just like glass blowing in a studio just on a much smaller scale. Each bead is created from a rainbow of glass rods coloured with dots or lines to create something unique. All the beads lined up reminded me of visiting a sweetshop with it’s vibrant colours! Every completed bead is placed inside a hot kiln to avoid it exploding from thermal shock as it cools down.

Dixie can be found in the ‘Glasskunst’ or ‘Glass Art’ pavilion inside the Germany stop at Disney’s Epcot Centre. It was fascinating to watch her individually crafting beads over such a hot heat!

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