Knitting Rowan Moorhouse

Knitting from charts has never really been my thing, I avoided knitting from charts for a long time instead preferring line by line instructions. In my mind I always equated charts with sloppy patterns and was suspicious of the quality. Until you get used to the pattern and instructions you spend an awful lot of time squinting too especially if the repeated pattern is quite long!

I don’t have those opinions about charted patterns these days. I often find that charts contain complex patterns which have intricate and beautiful designs unsuitable for line by line instructions. However I’ve been disappointed in the chart for Moorhouse, I’ve actually knit the first inch of pattern three times and in the end decided to modify it.

The first time I got half way up the front side of the jumper before deciding I didn’t like it because of the central cable on the left side, I realised I was doing one of the instructions wrong. It’s an awful time to come to this though when you’ve put in hours of work, so a little tantrum later and I gave it another go.

Again I followed the chart stitch by stitch only knitting a few rows at a time in an attempt to get it right. Sadly the two sides of the pattern just weren’t mirroring each other and this lack of symmetry was bothering me. Jumping onto Ravelry I noticed that all the other versions of Moorhouse were just like this. It wasn’t my knitting it was the pattern!

In the end I’ve decided to modify the pattern to create a more symmetrical looking garment but in the process I’ve been disappointed in the quality of this pattern. After a few simple modifications – reversing the stitch shaping, the jumper is symmetrical! Fortunately Lima is a beautiful yarn which knits up quite quickly for a lightweight yarn.

2 thoughts on “Knitting Rowan Moorhouse

  1. Planet Penny says:

    Of all the patterns I’ve ever used, it’s the Rowan ones which seem to have the most mistakes, or are badly explained. I’m glad you eventually managed to modify it to your liking, it’s such lovely yarn, and that fabulous blue again. I have a terrible habit when things go wrong of throwing it on the floor and jumping on it, and then hiding it in the back of the cupboard!
    P x

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