Custom pottery work in progress

There’s a lot going on in the studio since I’ve been working towards the summer break and getting custom orders completed has been a priority. I’ve been working on a few unusual ones, experimenting with prototype pieces is also quite a lot of fun. Maybe you don’t get it quite right first time but that’s the joy of handmade.

Yarn bowls are always popular and recently I’ve been doing quite a few named pieces, its lovely that so many of these go off as gifts – I sometimes wonder about the people they’re for and what their stories are. Names add such a direct connection to another person!

I’ve been working on a set of large pasta dishes with an unusual set of striped colours; brown, blue and cream. Personally I’m still not confident about working with slip colours, I often feel that the colour impact they provide is more muted. I keep thinking maybe this project will make me re-think my opinions about working with slips.

Also coming out of the studio is a baked potato baker, I’m not sure I’ve quite got the size right yet but if you’ve been following me on Facebook you may have noticed lately I’ve been experimenting with rims and lids. There’s something about the look of it I just love even if it isn’t the right size!

Unfortunately orders placed now can’t be guaranteed delivery until the end of September.

2 thoughts on “Custom pottery work in progress

  1. linda wright says:

    wow, that is a big baker….that’ll hold many potatoes i’m sure! i used to use a lot of slips, i enjoyed the process but was often a bit disappointed with the results. keep at it tho, you’ll find something that excites you!

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