Introducing two new glazes; Red Jasper and Midnight Blue

After saying goodbye to ruby red a couple of weeks ago I already had a new replacement glaze lined up, red is such a popular glaze choice I didn’t want to leave it out of the pallet.

I posted a picture of the new glaze when it came out of the kiln last week and I hadn’t chosen a name for it. I got inundated with suggestions on Twitter and Facebook from hot shades of ‘lava’ and ‘volcano’ to stoney ‘red granite’.

After a suggestion from ele_web I settled on ‘Red Jasper’, googling it brought up images of a fiery red marbled with black and thought it matched perfectly with the glaze colours.

The second new addition came a few weeks ago before Woolfest and if you were there early enough you’ll have caught a glimpse of Midnight Blue. I had quite a few requests for a darker navy shade of blue and wanted something to fill the gap for darker tones.

Midnight blue has a glossy blue sheen and from a distance appears almost black, when covering a ridged surface it breaks to brown where it’s gone thinner.

Red Jasper isn’t yet on the sample test tile shop pallet but you can place orders in that shade in the notes to seller on checkout, hope you like these new additions!

2 thoughts on “Introducing two new glazes; Red Jasper and Midnight Blue

  1. Planet Penny says:

    I love jugs best of all. Given a bigger house, with a massive dresser and it would be FULL of jugs. I love the shape of this one. The blue glaze is exactly my favourite shade for a proper pot, gorgeous.

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