Top of the pops!

It’s been a while since Fathers Day came and went – I made my Dad a ginger cake with cream cheese frosting and these custom soft drink labels. I wanted to share these printables with you for your next day to celebrate Dad maybe thats a birthday, anniversary or just to cheer him up!

I made a set of four of these by soaking off the original labels and printing my own set on to an A4 sheet of sticker paper. The hardest part is smoothing them on straight and without bubbles of air underneath.

I’d recommend peeling the backs from the stickers first and then smoothing them round slowly. My glass bottles already had straight lines around the middle where the previous labels were so used those as a guide to getting it straight.

I’ve been making a lot of cakes from Harry Eastwood’s ‘Red Velvet and Chocolate Heartache’ after a recommendation and it is a really amazing book! I’ve not yet made a bad or disappointing cake out of it, if you get a chance to pick up a copy I highly recommend it.

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