Hello Woolfest!

Last weekend was Woolfest and I enjoyed it so much! It was lovely to meet so many people and especially surprising to see how many of you had already heard of Little Wren Pottery and Yarn Bowls.

If you’re a new visitor to the site after Woolfest, welcome! Don’t forget you can add me on Ravelry too. It was a really wet and wild weekend over in the Lake District, but it was good to see that even on the torrential Friday people were still braving the elements.

In addition to all the people I met there were of course the animals too, from sheep to alpaca it was hard to resist their wooly charms. Public art group ‘Flock’ were also there with just a small sample of 2,000 of their pom pom sheep!

I was pleased with how all the elements of the stand came together for the show but looking around there were some really impressive displays. Next year (yes I’m already planning a return trip!) I’m hoping to have an even better set up.

I also wanted to give a quick hello to Chris from Garthenor Organic Pure Wool who I did some bartering with for some of his beautiful welsh yarn in a soft grey colour. It’s destined to become a beautiful lacy jumper very soon.

One thought on “Hello Woolfest!

  1. lorraine says:

    hello there… thanks for visiting my blog..as you can see I love my thread bowl particularly the very earthy look to it..its working very well with the wool in it..its perfect and just what I wanted.. have a good weekend 🙂

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