Making paper rosette fans

I’ve been so busy lately getting ready for Woolfest which is looming fast at the end of June, part of all this prep work is getting pieces together that’ll create an attractive stand.

If you’ve never been to Woolfest before it’s in a cattle market so anything that’ll help to ‘pretty up’ the space is a major bonus!

To make a paper fan I used; a pack of pastel A3 card, a piece of long wooden dowel but you could use a ruler, sharp scissors, a stapler and some string. You can of course use A4 sheets of card to create your fans I just had A3 to hand.

Lie your sheets of card portrait and start folding, try to get the folds at regular intervals to make it appear even when you make the circle. If you’re struggling to make clean folds in the paper take your dowel and lie it across the paper, press it down and use the blunt side of the scissors to score it. Use the dowel to fold the paper over the scored line.

Keep folding until you’ve made it all the way down to the end of the paper, to create a full circle you’ll need two folded sheets in the same colour. Fold your concertina in half and then carefully fold two corners together to create a half circle, staple the sides together and do the same with the other piece of card.

You should have a little hole where string can be threaded through under where the staples meet. Thread your string through and tie a tight knot. This helps to keep the two sides together, you can also staple the ends to keep it tight.

To hide the string in the centre I created small disks of card in a contrasting colour and used double sided sticky tape to add it to the front.

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