Making up

You might find this a little weird since it’s easily hitting 20 degrees everyday but I’ve been making up my latest jumper. It’s the Cabled Jumper from ‘Glamour Knits’ by Erika Knight, I’ve been knitting it in a lovely forest green shade of Rowan Big Wool.

As you’d expect it’s knit up super quick and while I was sewing this together I was thinking about all the different making up techniques for jumpers. I’ve never been fond of the making up process, I feel I need to learn to love weaving in all those ends!

Pattern instructions always encourage blocking and yet it’s something I never do. It might be a controversial opinion but I don’t like blocking, to me it takes all the texture out of a handmade jumper. Maybe it’s because I tend to knit cables I often feel they loose their fluidity once they’ve been pressed by a hot iron.

Every knitter has their preferred method of sewing all those pieces together, when I was a ‘beginner’ I used the blanket stitch method with a tapestry needle but I just wasn’t happy with the result. These days I tend to finish jumpers using a crochet hook and chaining pieces together to give a smoother edge.

I love cowl necks on jumpers and a bit of ribbing around the neckline always adds a nice finishing touch but I also really struggle with ‘pickup and knit’. Getting those stitches even is always so tough even with stitch markers. For the first time I’ll also be adding something to my jumper, sequins – I just couldn’t resist they’re so pretty!

What’s you’re preferred making up method? Have any tips to share?

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