Milestone Raspberry Wheat Beer

It’s been a few weeks since the last of the beer was drained from the pressure barrel and its about time for a new beer to get started in the tank. This time it’s a fruity wheat beer, I love fruit flavoured beers particularly Kriek – I’m hoping that that’ll be my next kit after this!

Anyway the Milestone kit is quite a bit different to my first go at brewing, this one comes with the usual two cans of wort and packet of yeast but also ‘raspberry flavour’. This gets added to the beer once it’s syphoned off into the pressure barrel.

Again much of the time was taken up in sterilising everything but I felt more confident this time round about what I was actually supposed to be doing. The included instructions were much more comprehensive in this kit compared to Woodford’s Wherry, so if you’re a first timer it is a bit more reassuring.

Also in the first fermentation tank you can actually see this beer living unlike the Wherry which was very quiet; this one is bubbling away vigorously. It’s kinda freaky how it expels gas away at such regular intervals like its breathing in and out.

I’ve read a few reviews about the taste and I’m hoping for a very light fruity taste which will make an ideal summer beer. This time I’ll be trying to bottle it rather than leaving it all in the barrel, so if your lucky enough to bump into me end of next month you might end up with a bottle!

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