Copper Penny

It’s been a while since Pumpkin sadly disappeared from the glaze collection and as the seasons change it’s time for a new limited colour. Copper Penny is the newest addition to the palette of glazes on offer, its quite a complex shade of deep brassy tones with a hint of green.

It’s colours remind me of old copper coins I’ve occasionally dug up from the garden – on their way to oxidising as a thin layer of green forms on the surface. It’s got a high glossy texture to it and I think it works best on statement pieces but I’ll be glazing some mugs with it soon.

Copper Penny will get added to the glaze chart later today but as it’s a limited edition shade it’s only around for a short time!

I’ve been getting a lot of requests for different shades of blue in the shop recently but if there’s a glaze colour you’d like to see just leave a comment, I always love to hear your thoughts.

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