Living Terrariums

Recently all over the internet I’ve been seeing Terrariums pop up, I love how they look like little worlds and forests inside a jar and I thought I’d have a go at making one.

There are two basic types of Terrarium, preserved and living. Preserved Terrarium are made from air plants and preserved moss but living ones are always changing rather than being fixed. My Terrarium is made from living moss, herb cuttings, mustard seeds and a flowering rock garden plant called ‘carpet of snow’.

To make your own all you’ll need is a large glass jar, fill the bottom with some drainage stones or sand – this will stop your Terrarium from getting clogged up with water. Next a barrier layer, this will hopefully prevent your jar from getting too smelly and it’ll also provide an extra bit of nutritional value for your plants. Ideally this should be charcoal but I used a bit of wood and coal ash from our fire!

A bit of compost comes next, enough for your plants to root but not too much – this should be your thickest layer. Finally arrange your moss, clippings and seeds around the jar however you like them! I got some tiny people from ebay by searching for ‘model railway people’, mine are a set of couples since I created this for Valentines Day and wanted a romantic theme!

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