Copenhagen, Denmark

If you follow me over on Twitter you might have noticed last week I visited Denmark for a long weekend. I like travelling, I’ve always thought it broadens the mind especially when you go somewhere and your illiterate! You have to work out what things mean and what they might be used for.

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Denmark was such a fascinating place to visit – there was so much to do and my legs ached from all the walking! We visited pretty much all the city centre galleries and museums. The thing I always find most exciting is holiday food, where you get the flavours of a country.

Strangely I often find myself in supermarkets when I’m on holiday, I just find it fascinating to see such little snippets of people’s daily lives and its also a great place to pick up little delicacies for half the price than the airport!

Win a yarn bowl

For foodies Copenhagen is a bit of a paradise but while it’s really easy to find a good cup of tea or coffee its more difficult to find an evening meal that isn’t steak. If you’re going to visit I’d highly recommend the Brewhouse pub which serves an extremely tasty mushroom burger and Torvehallerne KBH the food market just next to Norreport metro station for some fabulously fresh baked rolls and pastries.

I closed the giveaway on Monday and thanks to the winner was picked as number 45, imynda. Congratulations!

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