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Home brew

Making home brew is something I’ve always wanted to try, I think I’ve wanted to understand more about the brewing process and become more ‘involved’. When I go down the pub I always prefer to drink real ale – my favourite being Fursty Ferret and Double Maxim.

For Christmas my boyfriend got me a brewing kit and so far its been quite a fascinating experience. From mixing it all in the fermentation tank to actually being able to taste the sweet to bitter flavour as it develops.

beer kit

It’s a few days yet from being kegged, once it goes in the barrel it’ll sit for a further 14 days to mature and develop more flavour. I’m actually really excited to try the finished product at the end of the month! Using a kit has taken quite a bit of the work out from the complex procedure of creating a mash and you’re also benefiting from the breweries experienced blending.

The thing that takes the most time is ensuring that everything that goes into the tank is sterile since obviously there are all sorts of microbes out there in the air that would love a tasty sugary snack on what’s inside. Another 14 days or so and I’ll have my very first pint!

home brew equipment

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