Vanilla cream

I hope you’ve had a great new year and a fabulous festive season! There’s so much potential to be had in the year ahead, January is always a strange month sometimes full of the winter blues.

Vanilla cream

So far its been quite a mild winter but my thoughts already wander to the heady days of spring, when the mornings start to become lighter once again. I’m already working on some new glazes to come into the shop for the new season.

There’ll be a new moss coloured green that’ll probably be called Lichen, it’ll be limited edition but I haven’t yet tested it so who knows what colour it’ll be! Stocks of Pumpkin are starting to run a little low.

Vanilla glaze

The newest addition to the collection is this colour called Vanilla Cream, I’ve been getting more requests for light and white glazes. It’s a little more interesting than the simple ‘brilliant white’ currently in the glaze collection.

With it’s flecks of light brown it looks like a vanilla bean ice cream and its matt texture has a creamy colour thats almost the same as the natural tone of the clay.

You can still find the sale ongoing until this Sunday, the 8th of January, so there’s only a few days left to catch a bargain.

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