The Christmas rush

There’s been a lot going on in the studio the last week or two in the run up to Christmas. I’ve been working on custom orders, glazing and packing pieces up to send off to their new homes.

Pottery tools

The end of the year always brings a time of reflection. A moment to pause and look back at the 12 months that have passed and where the next 12 will take you. For me it’s been a year of firsts, my first major show and I’ve seen things become increasingly busy.


Clay turning

I do have a few things planned for 2012 but unfortunately I can’t talk about them yet! Although the year isn’t quite through and I’m sure you’re looking forward to a certain end of year event.

Winter is also a time to be thankful and none of this would be possible without you. From the people who take the time to follow me on Twitter and Facebook to those folks who buy my work. This year you’ve all been a part of Little Wren Pottery, so thank you from me and I hope you all have a great festive season filled with peace.

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