The Knitting and Stitching show Harrogate

If you’ve met me in person over the last five months you probably haven’t managed to avoid talking about the Knitting and Stitching Show. It’s one of the biggest textile fairs in Europe and the largest event I’ve attended so far, its been quite a long road to get here but next week it’s finally happening.

knitting and stitching show

To be honest even though its only a week away it doesn’t yet feel ‘real’ but I am seriously excited about it, getting out there and meeting people is the best way to discover what others think of my work.

Back in January I applied as part of Craft Guerrilla’s ‘New Designer Makers Competition’ to win a stand at the Knitting and Stitching Show. It was my personal aim for this year to get together enough money to buy a new larger capacity kiln so I decided to apply to try and fulfill my target. After three rounds of judging and lots of nervous waiting I succeeded along with five other finalists who’ll all be exhibiting there too.

It’s the first time I’ve ever really had to think about a stand design beyond a table since this time I get walls! The other serious problem I had was trying to meet the inventory demands of four days of selling, I’ve never done a fair that’s lasted any more than a day before and only having four months is a pretty short time – in pottery terms anyway!

If you drop by you can find me at stand E27, the show is open daily between the 24th – 27th of November from 10 until 5:30 at Harrogate International Center. As part of the show you’ll find lots of other crafters, supplies and workshops including an upcycling lab where you can have one of your old t-shirts transformed into something new.

5 thoughts on “The Knitting and Stitching show Harrogate

  1. Helen S says:

    What a fantastic opportunity – well done! At the moment I am so busy at uni at this time of year that I haven’t been able to go for a couple of years now and I’m not sure about this year either, but it is absolutely my favourite show and I look forward to having time to go again.

  2. Linda Wright says:

    Well done Victoria….you’ll have a wonderful time at the show i’m sure. It can be quite daunting i know, i used to do a show in Toronto that went for 11 days….phew, that was crazy!!! Good luck with it and i hope you sell out!
    cheers, linda

  3. Victoria says:

    I’ve never been before Helen, I can never decide if going to a fair without being a visitor is an advantage or not.

    Also yikes Linda thats a long time to be at a fair 11 days! I can’t begin to imagine how much stock you’d need for something like that.

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