Heritage Crafts Association

heritage crafts association

A few months ago I was interviewed as part of the generational crafting issue of UK Handmade, as I’ve said before the passing on of skills from one person to another is something I’m quite passionate about.

From that interview I was invited to join the Heritage Crafts Association, they’re a UK based charity who’s patron is the HRH Prince of Wales. They focus on working with the government to try and prevent the loss of traditional skills before they’re lost in some cases forever.

Traditional crafts form part of the history of the UK before technology, computers and mechanisation there was a person and they would teach you everything that they knew. I’m often fascinated by the idea that even though our country is relatively small the variations of technique and tradition are vast, from calligraphy to carpentry they all add to our rich cultural history.

I’ll hopefully be attending the HCA spring conference in March on Evolving Craft Communities at the V & A down in London. It’ll be great to meet so many new people from different disciplines!

As well as the Association website you can also find the HCA on Twitter @heritage_crafts

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