Pumpkin for Halloween

A few months ago I introduced a new seasonal glaze into the range, an autumnal pumpkin orange. So far it’s had mixed reactions at craft fairs, personally I like it but it isn’t the sort of shade that’s to everyones taste.


I was really pleased when this custom order came through for a set of six place settings and pumpkin was one of the chosen colours. I think it goes really nicely in with the other softer glaze colours I currently stock.

place setting

As a limited edition colour I’ll be a little sad to see pumpkin disappear eventually but I’m already thinking about what limited edition colour to introduce next. I was thinking a nice soft minty green to cerebrate the delicate greens of spring and summer. Is there a colour you’d like to see in the collection?

craft fair

This Sunday the 30th of October you’ll find me at Ryhope Pumping Station for the craft fair and classic car rally. I’ll be there from 11am until 4pm doing demonstrations and selling so if you’re looking for a different sort of day out I’d love to meet you there!

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