Shakespeare’s country – Stratford Upon Avon

If you’ve been following me over on Twitter you might have noticed that over the weekend I was over in Stratford Upon Avon for a little break. I had been before but not for about 7 years or more, surprisingly the atmosphere of the place hadn’t really changed.

I found it’s streets and canals welcoming, I spent time feeding the swans and geese by the river! We visited my favourite of the Shakespeare properties, Mary Arden’s House which is about 10 minutes or so on the train in Wilmcote.


There you’ll find rare breed pigs, cattle and sheep. Being a knitter I love sheep, if your brave enough then they’ll also let you touch their curly fleece too! In the farmhouse there was also a kitchen featuring a variety of lovely Tudor style pottery. On the mantlepiece I even spotted a German pottery beer jug with a bearded face!

the tudor home

You might recognise the style of a few of these pieces if you’ve been watching ‘Handmade in Britain: Ceramics’ on Monday nights at 9pm on BBC Four. Showcasing the history of handmade pottery it’s a fascinating watch and I certainly think there’s an earthy charm to Tudor pottery.

Since I have a massive sweet tooth I couldn’t resist stopping by one of the many tea shops in Stratford as well. By far my favourite was Hobson’s located near to Shakespeare’s house just off the high street. Gorgeous cakes, cheesecakes and cream teas!

cream tea

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