Cherry and Vanilla Jam recipe

You might remember last year I made some Cherry Jam, I thought this year I might revisit that post and add a little twist to it.

I always love the bounty of berries and soft fruit early summer brings before the summer heat really settles for the next few months. Cherries have to be one of my favourite fruits, they just dangle tantalisingly from branches waiting to be picked.

Their red colours are just like little gems shining in the sunlight when you wash them and the taste! Its just indulgent to bite into a ripe cherry. Anyway you might notice that this year I decided to add vanilla into the mix, the vanilla adds a real depth of flavour like you get in really expensive shop bought jams.

It certainly isn’t for the faint of heart though at £1.50 per stick, this recipe is based on David Lebovitz version. I think next year I might add Amaretto for a more adult jam! You can also download the jam tags and lid decals at the end of this post too for you to print out and give as gifts.


3 cups cooked cherries
1 vanilla pod
2 1/3 cup jam sugar

1. Prepare your cherries by removing the stalks and stones, at this point you should have about 800 grams of uncooked cherries.

2. Place them in a pan and cook them down for about 20-30 minutes, once you have your cooked cherry matter take it off the heat. There should be plenty of lovely cherry juice in your pan, don’t worry about how liquid it looks at the moment.

3. Measure out and slowly stir in your sugar to the pan while it is off the heat, be sure to incorporate all the sugar so that its completely dissolved.

4. Put your pan back on the heat, you want to rapidly boil your fruit and sugar. This makes for the best jam. Keep stirring your jam all the time otherwise it’ll burn!

5. After about another 20 minutes or so you should start to see your jam solidifying, do the trace test with a cold plate and your finger. If it ripples your jam is ready for canning!

6. Warm some jam jars in the oven and pour the contents into the jars and wait for them to cool overnight

3 thoughts on “Cherry and Vanilla Jam recipe

  1. gz says:

    adding vanilla sounds interesting. Cherry isn’t the easiest to get a set, and often ends up overpoweringly sweet! Still very nice on plain ice cream!!

  2. Madeline says:

    Yum, this jam sounds delicious….looks really special too with the sweet labels. Making jam is a must for me at this time of year with the gluts of summer fruit from my allotment (no cherries though).

  3. Victoria says:

    Thanks! Madeline I notice on your blog your making gooseberry jam, believe it or not this year was the first time I’d ever eaten a gooseberry… and I quite liked it too! 🙂

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