Custom pottery orders

My neighbors recently had a new baby, a little girl called Jude. Jude is a lovely name – it reminds me of The Beatles song ‘Hey Jude’, not everyone likes names that remind them of songs though!

To celebrate Jude’s birth and her christening I thought we could make a small gift. These small handmade espresso cups doubled nicely for a child’s teacup and just looked so cute personalised with names.

It’s been quite busy since I got back from my Norfolk holiday mostly with custom orders, I’m actually starting to think now about Christmas cut off dates for pieces since they take up to 4 weeks to reach completion. With that in mind I’ll be offering gift cards this year so that if you’ve missed the cut off date they can be redeemed for custom orders in the future.

If you’ve been following me on Twitter or Facebook you’ll have seen some in progress photos of a custom order of plates I’ve been working on. They were requested to be in all different colours which I just loved the idea of – personally my favourite are the green ones!

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