Let me show you my stash

A few months back I posted that I’d made a start on knitting Beatnik, well I’m still going with it but I’d like to share some hanks of yarn that make up my knitting stash.

Whenever I go somewhere I try and pick up a few balls of local yarns, particularly if they’re from breeds of unusual sheep or have pretty colourways. The yarns here are all from Finland, unfortunately since I sometimes have that impulse buy instinct when it comes to yarn I haven’t quite found the right patterns for these yet. I’d love to read your suggestions for me if you know any great patterns.

The first yarn is Pirkkalanka in a beautiful wine red colourway, I don’t normally wear red but this is such a beautiful yarn and I’m really keen on making something equally beautiful. I have about 5 hanks of it and it runs to about 437 yards per hank, I did want to knit a lace cardigan or something with it since it’s such a fine yarn recommended to be knit on 2.5 – 3mm needles.

Suomenlammas is the next yarn, when I bought it I was told that this yarn wasn’t very popular in Finland, the sheep have long fibre wool but are mostly bread for their meat. It’s spun from the natural yarn and un-dyed sort of like Rowan’s British Sheep Breeds. Apparently many Finns find these natural yarns too scratchy next to their skin and prefer softer yarns but it feels quite soft to my hands, maybe I just got used to itchy jumpers as a kid! Anyway this is a ‘sport’ weight or 5 ply just under a double knit, I have two hanks of it and it runs to 251 yards. I was thinking of making a little shrug maybe?

The last yarn is Huivilanka the ball band doesn’t really tell me an awful lot about it but I do know that this is actually swedish yarn that’s been hand dyed in Finland. I bought it because I loved the delicate colourway of black, blue and purples. Again its a very fine laceweight yarn and I should make a shawl out of it but lace is something I’ve only recently started knitting.

I bought some of these yarns in Helsinki at Menita but also another shop over next to Savotta at 24 Aleksanterinkatu, it was a sort of touristy crafty shop I’d recommend it if your looking for something a bit different!

If your looking for more information about Finnish sheep breeds I found this great website, which has information in both Finnish and English. You can also buy Finnish yarns on Etsy I’d recommend Utuna but I’m sure a geographical search will reveal many more!

2 thoughts on “Let me show you my stash

  1. Ulla-Maija Cronin says:

    Hi, I really liked your notes of Finnish sheep wool, I am Finn and knitter! I also started importing Novita yarn from Finland and just placed an order for Pritin kehraamon wools they have most beautiful soft FinnSheep yarn to knit anything! Did you knit a little shrug? Love you pottery and yarn bowl – must place an order for one for myself or do you do wholesale?

    • Victoria says:

      Hi, thanks for leaving a comment! I still haven’t found a pattern that I’m 100% happy with but I’m sure one will come along eventually! : o The thing I like most about Finnish yarn is that its not shy on the wool content I don’t really like acrylic fibres so for someone like me its great : )

      You can order yarn bowls over on Etsy here – http://www.etsy.com/shop/LittleWrenPottery?section_id=7364982 I do wholesale orders but if you’d like a quote for a price just email me! Thanks : )

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