Hand thrown pottery new to the shop for summer

Did you notice that my website disappeared over the weekend? If you tried to access the site I was busy switching domain hosts, don’t worry I’m still here!

Summer is just around the corner and in the past few weeks I’ve been creating and experimenting with some new pieces to stock in the shop, I like to think they reflect some of the seasonality of summer with more delicate colours.

The first of these colours is a pepper yellow. It’s natural honey shade has a slight speckle to it which reminds me of mustard, when its thick it goes a vibrant custard yellow.

I noticed at my last craft fair it was extremely popular, and I was glad how well this new addition went down.

Another new addition to our range of glaze colours is smokey blue. Its a slightly matt colour with mingling soft greys and speckled robin’s egg blue. I really love how fresh this looks but unfortunately I’ll be permanently replacing midnight blue with this new glaze, I hope you’ll love it just as much.

If you’ve been over to the shop I’ve recently started adding custom listings, I’ve always relied on you to get in touch but I wanted to make this process easier. For some of my most frequently requested items I’ve created ‘custom order’ listings where you can specify exactly what styles and colours you’d like for your home.

3 thoughts on “Hand thrown pottery new to the shop for summer

  1. marta reyes says:

    I reached your blog throuh a lady from Maryland in the States, Shea… who posted an article “the hourly Earnings project” on Ceramics Arts Daily.
    I liked the two glazes you are mentioning.Is this pepper yellow the same you used on the round lidded casserole?Because it seems more matt, or was the temp. higher on the casserole?
    I hope you don´t mind if I ask you to please tell me the recipe for this glaze.You see I saw a pot with an oatmeal glaze years ago and I haven´t been able to get anything close to that glaze, and yours is so much alike.That was back in ´78 when I was studying in England.
    I live in Bogota, Colombia . Thank you

  2. admin says:

    Hi Marta, yeah its the same glaze its just two slightly different thicknesses. I find both to be quite shiny it certainly doesn’t have a satin finish, definitely a gloss. I don’t actually have a glaze recipe for this, the only glazes I mix up myself at the moment are green, white and sometimes blue.

    I’m not very adventurous with my glaze mixing I know!

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