White dappled milk jug – Item of the month

It feels like theres been a lot going on in the last month with our sale coming to an end, all the bank holidays and being visited by professional photographer Mike Oakes.

I’m really looking forward to getting the photos from Mike and sharing them with you all here. Until then I give you May’s pottery item of the month, this hand thrown white linen inspired pouring jug.

pottery pouring jug

Inside features a glossy white and outside the transparent glaze brings out the natural buttermilk colour of the clay. It’s also been hand stippled with a contrasting dark slip for a rustic decoration similar in appearance to woodland moss.

If your new to item of the month heres the deal; I offer 20% off any additional purchases you make when buying the selected item of the month. You’ll be refunded via Paypal and excludes postage fees.

One thought on “White dappled milk jug – Item of the month

  1. Konnie Kapow! says:

    Wow I love that jug (or yug as I call them because I find myself funny) a lot! Hope you find a home deserving of it. It is, as ever one of my ambitions to own one of your pieces and some day I shall!


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